Packing Procedure

Collecting: Every day we collect fresh produce (Thai Fruits, Thai Vegetables & Thai Orchids) from our suppliers across Thailand in our own fleet of vehicles. Thai Agronomy sources, it’s products from various provinces in Thailand as we exactly know where to source the best Thai produce from.

Sanitization: Once the products reach our factory. Then, they are thoroughly cleaned and dried, in-order to maintain the freshness of our products. All our products passes through deep wash, helping our Thai produce to be pest free and safe for consumption.

Quality Control: After thorough cleaning of fresh produce. later, the products are passed through stringent quality test procedures to ensure only the best products reach our clients.

Grading: Once we are fully assured of the quality, the products are graded depending on size, color, shape and texture. Also, we make sure to adhere to International quality standards.

Packing: After proper assortment of products, we then pack Thai Orchids,  Thai fruits and Thai vegetables depending upon customer requirements. Furthermore, We have different packaging available such as; plastic boxes, paper boxes, foam boxes, plastic trays, foam trays and other client specific packaging.

Fumigation: Once our products have been securely packaged as per the food safety standards. Additionally, we then fumigate our products depending on country specific needs.

Storage: Once the fumigation is complete, we keep different products in specific temperatures to maintain premium quality of our products.

Shipping: Finally our goods are shipped in refrigerated trucks for air and sea freight to our customers.


Thai Agronomy is actively looking for partners to Joint venture with us in food processing, in-order for expanding our product line and moving further towards our goal of providing healthy choices in the food & beverage industry. For more information, get in touch at: Contact. Also, follow our: LinkedIn.

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