a Thai Agronomy Products Co, ltd Exporting Thailand's finest fresh fruits, vegetables and orchid flowers.

Thai Agronomy Products Co. Ltd

Exporting Thailand's finest Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Orchid Flowers

Our Story

Thai Agronomy Products Co, ltd is one of the leading Thai Fruit , Thai Vegetable and orchid flower Exporter from Thailand. Established in 2012, we have successfully maintained our commitments to clients with exceptional detail to quality and best in class services. The main aim of our company has been on providing the most competitive prices and best in quality Thai Fruit, Thai Vegetables and Thai orchid flowers. As a result, it has helped our clients to develop strong strategic positions in their respective markets.

Thai Agronomy currently has 2 separate packing units; both of the units are located in close proximity with our suppliers.

We are looking forward for collaborations from clients worldwide. For keeping up with updates you can follow our LinkedIn page: LinkedIn.

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thai Fruits

Being a tropical country, Thailand is a paradise for exotic fruits which are available all throughout the year. The country is blessed with an abundant supply of fresh fruits, making it an exclusive place with such a wide assortment of Thai tropical fruits. Over the years there has been a huge influx of travelers from across the world into Thailand, which has further promoted the delicious Thai fruit Exports. Thai Agronomy Products Co., Ltd is one of the largest Thai Fruit exporter and capable of meeting regular supply of tropical fruits throughout the year.

Thai Agronomy Products
Thai Agronomy


Thai food is popular across the globe mainly due to the enriching and spicy flavor of its dishes. Thailand is blessed with a nutrient rich soil and climate, which makes possible for its growers to supply a wide assortment of exotic vegetables all the year round. Thai Agronomy offers wide range of exotic Thai Vegetables for export throughout the year.


Who doesn’t love orchid flowers? Thailand is one of the biggest exporters of Dendorbium orchids around the globe. Thai Agronomy Exports Orchid flowers across the globe, which are used for a variety of reasons such as: Home decorations, weddings, funerals, festivals, gifts and many more.

Thai Agronomy Products Co. ltd

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